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The Great American Ragtime Revival

Album Notes

The Great American Ragtime Revival Album CoverRagtime, which stands for “Ragged” time,

is an American syncopated style of piano music that was played predominantly between 1880 and 1920. Ragtime contains elements of Classical, Blues, Dixieland, Gospel, and Jazz music. Some of its major proponents (e.g. Scott Joplin) were in fact classically trained musicians. Ragtime underwent a large resurgence of popularity during the 1970’s when ‘The Entertainer’ by Scott Joplin was featured in the movie The Sting. While Joplin was the most prolific of the Ragtime Writers and is generally recognized as the King of Ragtime, there are other equally inspired Ragtime Composers such as James Scott, Tom Turpin and Joseph Lamb whose works are also featured on this CD. Sound effects have been added both within and between pieces in order to make the listening experience more entertaining. The effects used generally relate to the title of the song. For example, Victory Rag, which was composed by James Scott to celebrate the end of World War I, contains cheering crowds, marching men, mechanized vehicles, jet fighters, and a twenty one gun salute, all of which are implied in the music. Aside from enjoying Ragtime, this CD provides a great background atmosphere for parties, movies, PBS specials, and most other occasions. Creating a CD of this nature is a partnership between technology, performing artist, and engineer. To this end I would like to thank Brian Harding for doing an outstanding job of engineering and critiquing this project. Also thanks to Richie Cannata for coordinating our efforts, and to the other folks at Cove City Studios who made the production of this CD a truly enjoyable Ragtime experience.


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